Save Money & the Environment

Do you want to save money and help save the environment?

Smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops; you do not need to accept the planned obsolescence of your hardware.  Whatever you need -- new motherboard parts, screens, etc -- we can make your old computer good for years.  Why spend hundreds of dollars unnecessarily and pollute the environment?  We can repair your device for a few dollars.

Businesses, do you have old technology that needs to be replaced, but it's too expensive? We can refresh your workstations with new parts and do a cleanup that will increase performance and save money.

Have you grown attached to that old machine but would like it to feel new? We can build that for you.

We solder motherboards.  From cracked screens to sticky keys and poor performance.  We can extend the life of your devices.

Call us for a free initial consultation about your equipment.  Do you have old equipment that needs to be disposed of properly? Call us.

Onsite Outsourcing delivers tech support to your life and business.  Contact us for the help you need.

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