Embedding Outsourced IT

IT services are a part of doing business in the 21st Century
IT infrastructure, service & support is an intricate part of every business’s DNA

In the 21st Century, IT infrastructure, service and support are an intricate part of every business’s DNA.  Unfortunately for the small to medium business, it’s very difficult to maintain an adequate IT staff and control costs.  What's more, unless you are a software development firm or a technology hardware company, IT services are not strategic -- they are a commodity -- part of doing business in the 21st Century.  IT services rarely provide a company with strategic value or advantage in the market place.  Therefore, IT services are a cost that must be monitored and controlled.

Onsite Outsourcing can provide just-in-time IT services at reasonable rates.  Businesses can use a pull methodology in their supply chain rather than a classic vendor push of IT services.  Onsite Outsourcing provides a managed services type of model but don't force businesses into a managed services contract.  Managed services contracts provide businesses with predictable costs but rarely provide knowledgeable, seasoned resources in the timeframe required.  All too often, managed services contracts provide poor quality of service for the price.

From computer repair to strategy consulting we work with you
Joining you in the trenches, providing resources & solutions that lead to victory

The Onsite Outsourcing delivery model helps businesses lower cost further than most managed services contracts and provides higher quality resources to utilize on short notice. We learn your business, your processes, your systems and your infrastructure.  We support what is mission critical for you.

Do you have an old server configuration that must be supported because your business can’t afford to upgrade a critical piece of production software or equipment? We’ll learn that configuration and support your production facility.

Collaborative business partnerships are critical to success

Why do we do this? Because you need it. To compete in this fast-paced economy, you need IT to be an efficient, cost-effective partner that understands what must be accomplished, providing resources and solutions that lead to victory.  Onsite Outsourcing is building economic ecosystems with companies that are open to Infinite Possibilities. Consider the benefits of partnering with Onsite Outsourcing.

Founder, Hap Hapner has over 20 years of hands-on IT experience.  He started in 1995, fixing Apple Macintosh computers as a second job and recently retired as the CIO for the major cable manufacturer in North America.  He knows what businesses need to beat the competition. Let him help you go from seeing IT as equipment and connectivity to using it to grow your market share and profits.

In 2009, while working with Volvo Group, Hap forged the principles that drive the company today:

  • Knock the customer’s socks off through Relationships and Service
  • Embrace and Drive Change
  • Create Fun and A Little Weirdness
  • Be Adventurous and Open-Minded
  • Be a lifelong Learner
  • Be Honest
  • Be Solution-oriented
  • Find the Tao
  • Know the Big Picture
  • Be Humble