3 Principles for the “Best Tech Support” without IT Staff

Good foundations are built by practiced journeymen. Foundations determine stability, longevity, and enduring IT value.

Experience provides for the possibilities of a body of knowledge, capability, and results. A journeyman's body of knowledge and skills are her/his primary tools in consistently producing excellent IT services results.

Growing older does not guarantee becoming wiser. Character derives wisdom from life experiences. A wise IT journeyman has a breadth and depth of knowledge to strategize, plan and execute tech support initiatives.

Honesty & integrity (with one's self & with others) are hallmarks of good character. They are the key ingredients for growing wise. Add in an innate desire for life-long learning and you have the recipe for enduring wisdom that can help small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) grow and thrive.

Of course, This level of experience costs money, lots of money. If you have an entire staff of journeymen technicians led by a seasoned executive, you could be looking at several million dollars a year in salary and benefits. Few SMBs have the luxury to employ full-time IT staff at all, let alone at a journeyman level.

So to control your cost you need to look outside of your business for your IT services. What do you find?

Best Buy can't do it. Staples can't do it. Office Depot can't do it. They are focused on the residential customer who can bring their devices to the store. This reduces their liability.  They remote into machines all day everyday but not for businesses. They don't want the liability.

You need to find an experienced partner who can learn your unique needs and support them on an as needed basis.

Principle 1: IT provides better support when they understand your business strategy and how you intend to achieve it. More importantly they provide better support when they understand your unique site specific requirements.  You know what I'm talking about.  That old server running Windows NT that must be supported because your business can’t afford to upgrade a critical piece of production software or equipment. No one knows anything about its configuration except your local IT guy or that 3rd shift production guy.

Principle 2: Remote IT can work but it takes more infrastructure (think cost here). You need a partner who can get resources onsite rapidly -- Just In Time.

Principle 3: You need a partner who won't rape and pillage because of what they know.  Too often businesses are held hostage by their inabilities -- inabilities to upgrade; inabilities to pay for more resources; inabilities to retain resources -- but you need to get beyond the inabilities to the possibilities, the infinite possibilities.  Onsite Outsourcing represents infinite possibilities for your enterprise.

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